PSE Regionals 2019 Greenville, SC. Persistency and hard work pay off

This weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the PSE Pro-am regional competition in Greenville, South Carolina.

There, 93 students compete is a sales scenario selling real products in a 12 minutes meeting. I was one of the top 20 finalists of this competition with my Delta Tau colleagues Jimmy and Frauke.

This is my third time attending PSE conferences and it is simply life-changing. I still remember my first time one year ago, in Atlanta, competing with my broken English and getting nervous each time I was asking a question. This organization has given me everything since the first time I enter creating a passion for sales and business environments. I would like to recognize the amazing effort that PSE Headquarters has dedicated to all these events to make unique and unforgettable experiences as well as all sponsors and companies involved in this organization.

Thank you so much for all the incredible support from my chapter Delta Tau, family, and friends from the U.S. and all over the world. With effort, passion, and persistence everything is possible!

Very proud of being part of this business fraternity. Finally, hard work and persistence pay off!

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