PSE Regionals Atlanta, GA

Last weekend I had the opportunity of participating in the PSE Regional event in Atlanta. PSE is a marketing and sales business fraternity that has a mission “developing the sales and marketing skills of its members through lifelong opportunities.”

As soon as I landed in Wilmington, NC I tried to join to this fraternity regarding my personality and the willingness of being part of this exclusive experience (There are not fraternities outside the USA).

The experience in Atlanta was an incredible and challenging experience for myself since it was the first time I was selling in English in a professional way. I would like to recognize the amazing job of Pi Sigma Epsilon as well as my chapter Delta Tau for winning an award in all the categories it participated. Especially, congratulations to Andy Gates and Brian Whitman for winning Pro-am selling competition and to Andrew Pete, Laura Soler, and  William Baggett for winning the Marketing competition.

Very proud of being part of this business fraternity and waiting for the national event in Jacksonville, Florida.

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