About me

My story starts in April 1998 in Guijuelo a small town (around 5000 inhabitants) in the Mid-West of Spain. I was raised in a family linked to small business and entrepreneurship.

Since very little I start showing a high interest in business, trade, sales and negotiation. In elementary school I remember trading among the different classmates the snacks for the playtime. By selling my snacks and trading them, I was able to get a nice snack and get some cents for savings.

There are many more examples about my business attitude that has been always so aligned with myself. Nevertheless, I was not conscious enough of my personality until I was 17 and I spent many years studying science for becoming a doctor.

On the last years of High School, doubts about keeping studying in Science or changing to Business and Economics. I discovered that my passion was businesses thanks to my little cousin when he was 4 say to me after briefly explain it my problem “How are you going to be in a lab alone? You are super talk-active.” I realized I was made to stay, work, and create with people. I was made to be a Business person.

I realized too late and changing to Economics was a hard way. I had to move to the closest city, Salamanca, to pursue my passion. If I wanted to do what I wanted and get good marks to enter in the degree I wanted, I had to say goodbye to my high school, my friends, my town, and my home. 

It was not easy, but I did it. It was the toughest year of my live but my effort allows me to enter in the International Business degree at the University of Valencia in 2016

My development as a business person, entrepreneur, and leader started in Valencia. The university was great but I needed some experience, I needed to see what is a real business day about.

I get involved in many courses, groups, companies, and jobs that allows me to get a unique view that many students do not have. I worked in an NGO, as a independent representative of a huge corporation, in events, I learned public speaking, I improved my language level in French and English and I get involved in entrepreneurship environment and I end up starting my own company, MevoydeRuta.

My firsts two years in the University of Valencia where completed and as a part of my double degree title. I moved in mid-2018 to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and Professional selling. 

As a student in the US, I have been involved in different sales events, congress, I was part of a business fraternity called Pi Sigma Epsilon (in which I was VP of Personal development in UNCW).  

After my studies, I did an internship in New York City at Kepler Cheuvreux, the largest independent European broker dealer, where I have been working as a sales equity intern until I got promoted with a full time job opportunity as Junior Sales Equity / Sales Associate.

Through traveling (My hobby) and opportunities that I put lot of effort to get, I can proudly say I have an international background and I have an unique global awareness. My time to go back to Europe will come soon. A time to start again after all my experiences, achievements, and memories America provided me turning me into a better human being.

Hopefully I will see you around,


Ruben Bermejo Gil

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